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I'm an easy going student who enjoys alternative music, digital design, cute girls, and beers with the boys. I study at the University of Waterloo; I am working towards a computer science/co-op degree in their prestigious faculty of mathematics. My hometown is Regina Saskatchewan, where I spent a lot of time training with the Regina Dolphins Swim Team.

What do I do in my spare time? I love going out with my great friends from school for dancing or relaxing. When I'm disciplined, I enjoy a morning swim at the Waterloo Rec complex. I like drawing with my computer and catching up on ICQ. Browsing the latest records in the mall or online is also a pasttime of mine; I enjoy spending time with my music. And if I need to just chill out, I turn the TV on for Survivor, The Simpsons or a classic episode of Seinfeld.

What do I appreciate in a movie? The greatness of a movie can be measured by its performance in four major categories. The categories are: dinosaurs, time travel, explosions and incidental nudity. For example, the movie Starship Troopers scores high because it has aliens (an acceptable substitute for dinosaurs), it takes place in the future (time travel), it has plenty of explosions, and there's some high-quality incidental nudity.

What is my favourite... band? Filter: Take a Picture is so calming and Welcome to the Fold is so energetic. song? Whatever by Godsmack. movie? Jurassic Park. tv sport? Canadian football. play sport? soccer: although I'm not much good at it. nightclub? Phil's Grandsons': the patrons aren't judgemental, the music rocks and the drinks are cheap. drive-thru? Fast Eddies. website? Rock News.

jesse resume
Résumé in PDF

Jesse's Résumé

I am currently employed through April 2007.

jesse projects
Slacker Sound Sistims

Slacker Sound Sistims

The Slacker record label started in Clayton Lawless' basement in June 1999, with a single copy of the to-be legendary Swank Trax. Two years later, Slacker SS has 9 albums under it's belt and an army of friends wearing our stylish longsleeve t-shirts. My fellow SSS partners are Clayton Lawless, Mark Wilson and Graham Cale.

Caffeen Fonts

Caffeen Fonts

I made the font "Chlorinez" for my website Chlorine in August 1997. People liked it, so I started building more fonts and distributing them free online. In 1999, I left my swim team and renamed the site to Caffeen. Currently I list just over 30 typefaces, and I try to build more whenever I have inspiration and time.



Hardquor is a board game I'm bringing online with Java. The plan is to give the online version a clever computer opponent, play across the network connectivity, and maybe a cool GUI. I'm also planning to post the source online, so anyone who's interested and java-enabled can write GUI's or AI's for it.

slacker sound sistims